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Young Bleed – Make Um’ Dance



He has been promising fans a return to greatness for more than a hot minute, but now with the release of the single ‘Make Um’ Dance’ from the upcoming album Livin, Young Bleed has silenced the naysayers and made his presence known. What time is it?

It’s time for a Baton Rouge banger!

For those that have lamented the slow demise of true hip hop, it is with great relief that Young Bleed re-appears to stop the bleeding and re-invigorate the genre with a hot track that will have them all running towards the dance floor from the first bar.



Louisiana is known for its singular ‘dirty south’ sound, and Young Bleed, who first rattled radio as a member of No Limit Records, clearly knows the ins and outs of the sound like few others.

With the release of ‘Make Um’ Dance’, Young Bleed is sure to satiate the appetites of his most ardent fans and indoctrinate a slew of new ones to the type of rap music that has made him a southern favorite for well over a decade. And with his album Livin set for release soon, fans will be singing a new tune or two from Young Bleed well into 2016.


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