Buzzing St. Louis Rapper Styne Is Grinding With No Brakes

styne-younginsCatchy beats and hard rhymes; both have been core staples of Hip-Hop since the culture’s inception. And while artists of today often circumvent this with gimmicks, an artist like Styne who combines the two cannot be denied. It’s a simple formula that is and will always be effective.

The buzzing lyricist, poet and entrepreneur is currently making a name for himself in the rap game. After the major success of his motivational single “Youngin’s” (see video link below), the East St. Louis rap renegade is a breath of fresh air in the oversaturated urban music market and his sound and style refreshes the spirits of Hip-Hop in a way rarely seen.

The aspiring wordsmith raps about real life issues and experiences, bringing awareness to his fans and the community. Raw talent, intense lyrics, and banging beats is what best describes Styne’s sound and style. His lyrics makes you think while his flow and energy makes you want to turn up the volume.


With a staunch at simply making good music, Styne is sure everyone will relate and love his sound, no matter what age they are. His diversity and marketability has already drawn in the music industry veterans and music fans alike and is growing exponentially.

Styne’s business background, creative passion, and analytical sharpness spearheaded the creation of Most Doubted Records Entertainment. The label’s name stems from all the doubters and non-believers from when Styne first shared his vision to open up his own record label. The doubters are now believers as Most Doubted Records and Styne continue to grow!

WATCH NOW: “Youngin’s” by Styne



Author: Mr. Hood Critic

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