Exclusive Interview With Superstar P of “The Takeover”


Today we sit down with Superstar P of “The Takeover” podcast show for a brief interview. Here’s want he had to say…

HCM. Who is Superstar P, and how did you come to be in broadcasting?
Superstar P. – Superstar P also known as Jeff Pellum is the CEO and a host of The Takeover Podcast Show. I’m also a Air Force vet that served 20 years and a husband and father. I came into broadcasting by being on another podcast previously. Fell in love with podcasting instantly. The show had to go on a hiatus due to one of the members having other obligations to fulfill which were very important. I still wanted to do shows. After a couple of weeks of thinking of what to do, i decided to create The Takeover Podcast Show. A new podcast was born

HCM. What is “The Takeover”?
Superstar P. – The Takeover Podcast Show is a podcast featuring myself, Chef (Chevis Daniels) and Bad Ass Billy (B.A. Alexander). the great thing about it is that we are family. Chef is my brother and Bad Ass Billy is my cousin. We hardly all get to be on the show at the same time because we are geographilly separated. Chef lives in San Antonio, B.A. in Carthage, TX and of course i live here in Shreveport. In short The Takeover Podcast Show is a new podcast ready to stake their claim in the podcast world

HCM. What topics does your show cover and how does it benefit independents; whether it be artist, businesses, etc.,?
Superstar P. – We cover a variety of topics. most of the times its either sports or hip-hip but we do cover other topics from time to time. The good thing is that we are not politically correct. We feel that it’s very important to tell the truth no matter how much people might disagree with it. If its your truth, you tell it! The other great thing about the show is that we do a segment called ”Unsigned Hype” where we feature a local artist song at the end of the show. It gives artist another platform to have their music heard. Since local radio doesn’t play a lot of the local artist songs, we feel that its important that we help them out. There is too much talent out here for it not to be heard. The segment has gotten so popular, we get music from unsigned artist all over the country now! It’s crazy. We will interview anybody that has something positive that they are trying to do. Anybody can be a star on The Takeover Podcast Show. It’s all about creating new stars and offering opportunity. Being the People’s Champion

HCM. How far would you say your show has evolved since it first started, to where it is now?
Superstar P. – It has came quite a ways. When we first started we had one mic to share and a Facebook page and thats it. The sound quality wasn’t that great because we had no idea about production. Getting followers was also a issue. For the longest time we were stuck between 100-125. I had to switch up the marketing scheme. We got some images made up with our faces in the iconic Death Row Source Magazine cover. Get a website up and running along with a new logo. Once we dropped that Takeover Death Row Pic along with the logo and website, people start taking us seriously. We got followers from all over the country now. Music start coming in from everywhere. People hitting us up for interviews. Purchased more production equipment so we could give a better product to our fans. We got the new t-shirts out now. Everything is going in the right direction and this is only the beginning!! We still a little green but we are getting better and bigger by the day. People are starting to really get on board.


HCM. Does your show air daily throughout the week and where can we find it?
Superstar P.- We record once a week or at least try to. You can find our shows on thetakeoverpodcast.com. iTunes, Google Play, Soundcloud, our Facebook page and most outlets that host podcast. You can also hear us on Slaughtahouze.com every Friday from 5:30 to 6:30 CST

HCM. What are your goals and plans for “The Takeover” in the future?
Superstar P.- To make The Takeover Podcast Show one of the elite podcast in the country! We plan on interviewing some big names in the future. We got a few in store but we not gonna let the cat out the bag yet. Everything is still in the works. Hopefully we can become big enough to get some sponsors where we can do a lot more things. Get into hosting events in the community. Having 3 on 3 basketball tournaments, a fashion show or anything positive for people to do to help stop the violence that’s going on today. A year from today we want everybody in the city and all over the Ark-La-Tex to know who we are. It’s gonna happen because we work extremely hard and willing to share out platform with anybody. The Takeover is going be a big deal, a very big deal

HCM. Thanks for hanging out with us. But before we go, any shout outs or last
Superstar P.- Oh yeah! My family and co-owners Chef and Bad Ass Billy, my wife and kids, The Renada Soul Show for giving our show our first platform, The Ian Gleason Show for having us on a month ago, All the local artist in the area that has been on the show or featured during “Unsigned Hype” The city of Shreveport/Bossier, East Texas, Dallas, Houston. And a big thank you to all our fans and supporters that been there since day one from all over the country. We love you all!!

Author: Mr. Hood Critic

Hood Critic Magazine was founded by Holland D. Witherspoon in Bossier City, Louisiana 2013. HOOD CRITIC MAGAZINE was created to cover up and coming unsigned independent artist.