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Hip Hop Artist Boogx General Gearing Up To Release New Single

Hailing from the boogie down Bronx, Boogx General has been a hip hop guru for as long as he can remember. Growing up on 170th St College Ave, Boogx started break dancing at the age of 10, then started writing music at 14. Eventually he would go on to learn how to engineer music at the age of 20 and apply those skills towards his own music. Originally recording under the name Boogz, he decided to change his name, with the intent to stand out from other rappers potentially having the same name.

Now under the name Boogx General, he’s released a pair of mixtapes (which can be found on Datpiff and other platforms) and is gearing up for his next project with the projected release of his upcoming single “Runnin’ Away”, scheduled to be released on June 7, 2019. The single was produced by 84 Beats and is said to be available via his website upon its release.

“The song I wrote “Runnin’ Away” came to me while thinking about kids stuck in the struggle, stuck in the hood, fighting the court system, and financially trapped. They can’t get out, so they just want to run away, to a far far place, and away from everybody. I speak for adults as well if they can relate” – said Boogx.

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