Miami based Haimov Jewellers is your go-to spot for custom jewelry:

The largest jewellery store in the Miami district is HaimovJewellers, a family run business established in 1989. The owner and CEO Igal Haimov is not only a distinguished jeweller but also an innovative and skilled designer, with a true passion for creating custom pieces that will satisfy all your personalisation needs.

Haimov Jewellers has achieved quite a lot during the years since the operation began. One of their biggest achievements has been creating their own line of watches. Haimov Watches is the perfect combination of elegance and practicality. Their geometric and crystal-studded designs are 100% original and have become quite renowned as a collector’s item.

Another great accomplishment that they can boast of is having a clientele that includes some of the top names in the Hollywood industry. High profile socialites, artist and athletes such as Kim Kardashian, Lil Pump, Paris Hilton, LeBron James and many more choose Haimov Jewellers for all their accessorizing needs.

However, even though they server so many famous personalities, Haimov Jewellers does not discriminate against its other customers who may be leading more normal lives. The Haimov Jewellers experience is open for all and IgalHaimov makes sure that prices remain affordable to not indirectly hold back any part of the community from availing their services. 

As we have mentioned above, it is indeed Haimov Jewellers’ pleasure to serve each and every one of their customers. This is because Haimov himself believes that their phenomenal success has only been because of their loyal customers. Without their unconditional support and trust, HaimovJewellers would have never been able to reach the position that they are in today.

Now, due to international demand Haimov Jewellers will soon open other stores in global hotspots such as Paris, New York, Dubai, Moscow and Los Angeles. They are also in the talks of releasing another line of watches and a clothing brand, with ambassadors who will do a good job of representing their brand ethics.

Usually, such a humble attitude suggests that the man behind the business has worked day and night to achieve his ambition. Indeed, this is exactly the case for HaimovJewellers. The Haimov family was a stranger to the art of jewellery still Igal Haimov came along, the young boy had always had a passion for designing statement pieces. Even though his father was just a taxi driver Haimov was able to realise his ambitions due to one jeweller who took the risk of hiring Haimov as an apprentice designer. 

Haimov Jewellers is quite active on social media and even have their own website. We invite you, the reader, to go take a look at their page. Maybe you will be their next VIP customer!