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He is a Double Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon whose excellence lies in various Orthopedic treatments and regenerative medicine.

Enough has also been heard and talked about people who put in every possible effort in their respective fields to create their desired success. However, it is time to discuss more about professionals across industries who work with the sole purpose to impact people’s lives positively and provide value to them. Belonging to the latter category is a well-renowned and respected Orthopedic doctor and surgeon of the US named Dr Bal Raj. His clinic has become the favourite place for many well-known athletes, celebrities, weekend warriors and so many others, who blindly trust him for his Orthopedic treatments and care.

People think several times before making the decision to opt for a surgical treatment to treat their joint issues or arthritis, but Dr Raj believes that with his state-of-the-art clinic, patients can leave behind their doubts and fear and take the first step towards recovery by putting their faith on him and his innovative and safe treatments. In his career of over 10 years, many celebrities and prominent personalities have made their round at his clinic and have come out recovered. This has helped Dr Raj also earn many celebrity endorsements. Dr Raj deservedly has been considered as one of the top-rated Orthopedists in America and has so far been featured on the ‘Best of LA’ and many other publications, gaining humungous appreciation, accolades and awards as one of the Top Orthopedic doctors in Beverly Hills. 

He is a one of a kind sports medicine doctor who is today known as a renowned celebrity sports surgeon and also holds expertise in StemCell therapy. Ask him what helped him make a name for himself in the medical field, and Dr Raj says that he took tough cases no one else would take. He created success by focusing on bedside manner and, as a top Orthopedic surgeon, introduced new technologies in his repertoire, which resulted in amazing results, giving back a normal life to his patients.

There’s probably no Orthopedic issue Dr Raj can’t treat and the proof is the amazing results and recovery his treatments and therapy provides patients with. To gain more information, visit his website, http://drhipandknee.com/ and follow him on Instagram @drraj.