Grow your business on Amazon with the help of Titan Network

Titan Network is a unique and limited membership body reserved for selected elite Amazon sellers. It was co-founded by Athena Severi and Dan Ashburn. Their primary aim was to help Amazon sellers grow and upgrade their businesses by assisting them in sales. On availing of this membership, the sellers get a lot of services. It includes the application of a number of tools that help in daily sales tracking, keyword research. There is a tool that specifically sources from China. Besides this, the tool helps in community outreach and support, sharing of knowledge and everybody’s experience in the network.

For attaining its objective, multiple strategies are applied. For instance, Titan Network gives tips and suggestions on ways a seller can outgrow their business in comparison to their competitor. Moreover, it also uses a multi-faceted approach which consists of sellers who earn a revenue of 7 to 8 figures. They comprise the mentoring panel and assist with other’s business growth. In case, one requires customised and detailed coaching sessions, Titan Network possesses those services as well. They offer one on one coaching sessions. This includes consultation from successful entrepreneurs and an upgraded tool system for Amazon sellers to assist them at every stage of their business.

There could not have been a better duo to run this organisation other than Athena and Dan. Athena’s work includes assisting eCommerce and Amazon sellers by event organisation and management, trips sourcing and mastermind courses to guide them and make their business more profitable. Dan, on the other hand, along with his industry-leading team take care of marketing. They also assist with the management of more than 12 million dollars earned through annual sales by working for different Amazon brands globally.

Titan Network’s brand voice is simply direct, friendly and confident. Their brand tagline is ” Together we are stronger”. They have a strong social media presence with over 3.8k followers on Instagram and 214 subscribers on YouTube.

In this Programme, Titan Network holds around two live masterclasses every month. It is hosted by Titan Leaders and a few selected and successful Industry experts. Moreover, in case a member is unable to attend these classes or in high demand, streaming access on the masterclass recordings is available to each and every member.

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