Rob Sargsyan’s famous ‘Rob Glow Look’ is winning over the makeup Industry

The name Rob Sargsyan is a regularly listed one among the best Los Angeles makeup artists. His talent has landed him collaborations with countless celebrities and other influential figures. His look is famous and goes by the title ‘ Rob Glow Look’.  Rob particularly leads the wedding makeover business in Los Angeles. He does photoshoots and is the staple makeup stylist for some of the biggest stars.

He also owns ‘FacesbyRob’ which is his very own cosmetic label. It has garnered international approval. Rob Sargsyan has a strong social media presence with over 300k Instagram followers.  Some of his celebrity clients include Kim Kardashian, Ashley Graham, Ashley Hinshaw, Rachel Roy, etcetera. He has even worked with prestigious brands such as Sephora, Dose Of Colours, and Guess. They collaborated with him for the face of their campaign advertisements. Rob has proved his skills in several events including red carpet shows, film promotional events, commercial shoots, runway events, international masterclass, etcetera. Moreover, the globally acclaimed show America’s Got Talent also brought him on board to give people a makeover.  Rob’s way and approach of applying makeup are unique and perfectly complements the client’s features. He enhances their beautiful features and is very particular about his work. He has a unique way to transform their faces as per his ‘ Rob Glow Look’.

Besides his makeup skills, his brand name is also a huge buzz in the industry. His ‘ Rob- Glow book’ is one of his most praised works. It is basically a makeup palette that includes 5 cosmetic products.  These products do not pertain to a single function. For example, the Drip highlighter and the Sunset Bronzer can be applied as eye shadows. The Lip liner is obviously used to enhance the lips. However, it can also be applied to line lashes.  Rob Glow-book also contains customer favourites such as Nude Lip Gloss and Shy Blush.  Besides enhancing beauty and aesthetics, the products offered by FacesbyRob are of high quality. They are long-lasting on the skin and look fresh throughout the day. The best part is that they are suitable for all skin tones. It contains rich pigments which look amazing on any skin colour be it light, dark or medium. The products are devoid of harmful parabens, gluten, phthalates, talc, and mineral oil.

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