The SimpkinsTwins Conquer Challenges in the Music Industry

Isn’t it amazing how people from different ethnicities or nationalities can easily understand and sing along to various songs?  Over the years, music has become a favorite to both the young and the old. As a result, the music industry has also become home to thousands of artists across the globe.

The SimpkinsTwins is a rap duo that has also found refuge in the industry. Consisting of two brothers, Addy and Blake, they have already marked and solidified their spot in the industry.

According to the duo, one of the reasons that motivated them to make music is the fact that it knows no barriers. They recall when they were first introduced to music at age six and the thrill and excitement they felt in playing the violin. Within no time, the SimpkinsTwins say they were confident they had found their ultimate passion.

The SimpkinsTwins are aware of the many changes in the music industry. Technology has played a significant role in the distribution of music. With platforms like Spotify and YouTube, access to music just became easy. For artists like the SimpkinsTwins, technology has given them an easier way to connect and interact with their audience while also marketing their music. Additionally, the production process has evolved.

They say words set in music are the best way to communicate your emotions. The duo note that with music you get to be vulnerable and express your emotions with no judgment. In the creation of their music the rap duo promises to go above and beyond their limits to create content that will impact the lives of their audience.

One of the reasons music is referred to as the universal language is the fact that it knows no barriers. The SimpkinsTwins say that one of their duties is to create music that unites people from across the globe. Though some artists are not particular in the words they use, in making music, word choice is vital for artists.

When the Covid 19 pandemic hit, most people were confused. Typical routines were disrupted, and there was a new “normal.” In the midst of all this, the SimpkinsTwins found their own way to brighten up the mood through their new song, “Never Stop.”

It’s pretty amazing how a short two or three minutes allow you to experience a wide range of emotions that can have a huge impact on your life. Through their music, they twins not only inspire their audience, but they also get inspired by the overwhelming reception they receive.

Different music genres portray different cultures. By listening to music, you can learn and experience diverse cultures. Moreover, it helps you find a way to express different phases in your life that you don’t really know how to put in words.

The universality of music is an important quality of the art form.The SimpkinTwins are thankful to have a passion for art that every person in every corner of the world can enjoy. Whatever it is that draws you to music, treasure it. And if you have a passion for making music, follow in this duo’s footsteps!