“LUSSO’s Nightclub is Back!” says DJ LUSSO 

For the past couple of months, popular producer/DJ LUSSO has been filling homes with his energetic mixes and bringing the experience to you with LUSSO’s Nightclub. Back from a short break, he has released his latest remix, blessing his audience once more with impeccable beats.

LUSSO has been in the industry for the past four years. While it’s not a relatively long period, his talent and skills have seen him cement his spot in such a competitive industry, becoming a top DJ. He is widely known for tracks such as “Take Hold” and “Dakiti Remix.” His tracks have also constantly topped the charts, receiving airplay from various radio stations.

LUSSO has always been a big fan of music. However, what fueled his passion most was his first experience in the Manhattan nightclub scene. The experience made him develop a love for house music, and from there on, he has been doing what he does best.

Taking it a notch higher, he started LUSSO’s Nightclub. Every month, LUSSO gets to release a remix of some of his best songs, which are at times recorded live from the club. He calls this a perfect showcase of a proper LUSSO set.

The last two years have been hard on many people. COVID has led to the closure of many things as people try to stay safe and adhere to the guidelines. Among the industries affected most is the entertainment industry. While clubs have slowly started to open, capacity has been reduced to ensure minimal risks. The travel restrictions are also a hindrance as people are unable to travel to different places.

To ensure his audience never misses out on the fun, LUSSO’s nightclub has been bringing the party to your speakers for the past few months. For a whole hour, he plays some of the best house music across the globe, giving his ever-growing fanbase a feel of different sounds and captivating music.

LUSSO has recently released his latest addition to LUSSO’s nightclub dubbed “Summer 2021.” A few days since its release and the mix has become a fan favorite, attracting attention not only in New York but also in different parts of the globe. Far from over, he says he has other projects coming up. In the future, he aspires to get more club gigs in NYC and potentially get his remixes heard by some of the world’s biggest DJs.

In less than four years since his debut, his music has over one million streams on Spotify and has received support from some of the biggest names in the industry, including Calvin Harris. While his current dreams may seem far from reach, LUSSO believes nothing is impossible, and he will also make them a reality with time. As he sets the stage for his next step, he’s also perfecting his skills. “No matter what industry you are in, always strive to learn something new each day and be a better version of yourself,” says LUSSO. According to him, this has helped him grow his skills and overcome challenges along the way.  His latest mix, “Summer 2021,” is available on his Spotify and Soundcloud.