How Tarik Is making His Mark in the Music Scene 

Tarik is a Canadian-born, Los Angeles-based artist making his mark in the music industry. He is a uniquely talented singer, songwriter, and actor with an exceptional approach to music. Tarik is known as an artist who tackles life from an all-easy way, often looking at life from a childlike point of view. His music writing skills also fall within the same approach, with lyrics that send listeners down a path of nostalgia to a time where love reigns supreme. Tarik’s passion for music is anchored mainly in his love for writing, which often keeps him up at night. This enables him to develop an environment to craft melodies that inspire his listeners to travel to a world of simplicity. 

Tarik fell in love with music at a young age and listened to many legendary singers such as Elton John, Michael Jackson, and George Michael. An up-and-coming music star, Tarik’s music style is presently influenced by chart-topping artists such as Ed Sheeran. Essentially, a quick listen to Tarik’s music will leave you with a ‘vibe’ leaning towards Ed Sheeran’s sound. But Tarik has worked on his craft, improving on different aspects, coming up with something unique and refreshing to listen to. 

This has been made possible by his attitude that’s true to his core; he’s somewhat of an anti-artist artist, leaving his audience with nothing but the good stuff. Tarik’s music brings a sensational mood that carries his listeners away to wonderful places, as all they have to do is to close their eyes and listen or sing along loud and proud. His music is meant for everyone. It’s there to be enjoyed by everyone in whatever feels groovy and juicy for them in a way that feels good for them. 

In his young music career, Tarik is already commanding an audience with a passionate fanbase. He has also received vast recognition amongst his listenership, thanks to his nostalgic music.

“I create space for people to come back to their home and reminisce over simpler times. I feel that it’s a big accomplishment to be there for people as they are there for me. I draw from their experiences and intertwine them with mine to create a song that feels warm to the heart,” explains Tarik.   

The journey to success in music can be challenging, and Tarik can attest to this. Working as an independent artist has been a big challenge for him. It has, however, not halted his passion for writing, and that’s why he was fortunate enough to find an incredible producer who understands his music style. This has been significant, helping him improve in his creative work, with his music taste maturing every day. 

Tarik is looking forward to continuing to work hard and writing songs that will encapsulate the important moments not only to him but also to his fanbase. His focus is on making music that resonates with people and moves them in every way. This will help him continue taking his listeners on a journey back to what feels good in their hearts, as this is what he enjoys best about his work and, by far, the major purpose that drives him forward.