Ritchelli Rodriguez Shares On The Increased Surge of Indie Artists 

The music industry is going through a transformation period. There are many technological developments and industry trends that are reshaping the music business. Musicians and other industry players have to keep up with these swift changes day by day. This includes constantly reinventing themselves and honing their craft and operational models. Some upcoming musicians are also bringing new trends with them, such as new sounds taking over the industry.

But one of the notable Industry trends is the decreasing popularity of record labels. Ritchelli Rodriguez, a fast-rising and promising music talent, notes this revolutionary trend as a significant change that will go a long way in reshaping the industry. Ritchelli is an independently established singer, songwriter, and performer taking over the industry. He is serving the industry with a unique and thrilling sound that resonates with his fans.

Since making his debut in the music scene, Ritchelli has been operating independently. He loves working by himself as it gives him the freedom to explore all his musical abilities. He draws a lot of inspiration from many well-established indie music artists, such as Grammy winner Chance the Rapper. Ritchelli believes he can also hit similar levels of success, and he is continually working hard to make his musical dreams a reality.

Ritchelli also believes that record labels will be a thing of the past in the coming decades. He believes it’s high time other artists started thinking beyond them. According to him, the primary business for most of these record labels has been on marketing and music distribution. These used to be their major roles, especially in helping stage the next big name. Some of the current notable names found their way into the mainstream through record labels that invested a lot in their marketing campaigns, turning them from rookie artists to global superstars.

But with widespread social media usage and the phasing out of CDs, cassettes, and other physical music formats, Ritchelli stands firm that record labels are gradually becoming redundant. Today, you can easily break through to the mainstream by leveraging social media. Many upcoming artists are constantly putting out their works, attracting thousands of fans. The marketing role played by record labels can easily be substituted by building a massive social media presence with millions of followers. This implies that marketing has found its way from executive offices to simply embracing DIY strategies.

Ritchelli also credits the rise of music streaming platforms to be a significant win for independent musicians. They have made it easy for artists to distribute their music through these digital service providers. Platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music are some of the top avenues to help you get your music to any corner of the world.

A highly ambitious artist, Ritchelli is constantly working hard to serve his fast-growing audience with more great hits. He wants to cement his position in the American music scene and hopefully get to the international stage. To him, anything is possible provided you put in the hard work. Ritchelli promises to keep up his music momentum for decades to come.