Recording Artist Question Is Blazing Trails as a Thriving Asian Musician 

The only thing you can’t achieve is something you haven’t started. If you are waiting to start when you have everything figured out, you are doing yourself a great disservice. The truth is, sometimes, you have to take a leap of faith and walk an uncharted course. As music star Question proves, success comes to those who put in the work and not to those who wait.

Born Gabriel Cabaneros, Question is a recording artist from Toronto, Canada. He started making music with his younger brother in 2007 in his parents’ basement. Even as he pursued his dream, Question knew it wouldn’t be easy to breakthrough in the industry. As Question is Asian, he didn’t have many people to look up to in the industry, but he was willing and ready to change that.

Question perfected his skills over the next few years and then went to work. He released two singles that became instant hits on YouTube and Spotify. The songs “White Maserati” and “Alone” have each garnered 100K+ views on YouTube alone. They have also gained Question a strong fan base across the world. He has thousands of fans from Asia and Europe to North America.

Question’s fast rise to the top of the industry can be attributed to three things. One, he creates quality music. Question masterfully integrates elements from both R&B and hip-hop to create a style that is uniquely his. For him, the fun is in creating something that makes him feel good first. That way, he is sure that his audience will feel good too. The excellent visual works in his videos don’t hurt either.

Two, his songs resonate with different demographics because they address real-life issues. Whether he is singing about a girl that overlooked him because he was broke, his dreams for the future, or his present situation, most people will relate. That emotional connection gives him an edge and endears him to more fans. He has established a strong social media presence where he gets to connect with them.

Three, he is persistent. He knew he wanted to change the music landscape from the onset of his career, and he’s been consistent with his efforts. According to him, “If you believe in your vision and your creativity, then you should never stop. Stopping is the only reason you won’t make it or feel fulfilled in your craft. Being true to yourself and staying consistent is the best recipe to achieve anything in life.”

Asian artists have traditionally had a harder time in the music industry. Even though the industry is changing rapidly and has become more accepting, Question feels there is still more to be done. In the future, he hopes he’ll be a role model to up-and-coming artists looking for inspiration. He is already proof that there’s light at the end of the tunnel if you don’t stop trying.

Touring the world and performing for large audiences is another dream Question hopes to achieve. He is currently working on new music that he hopes will be played across the world one day. He is unleashing every bit of creativity he has mastered over the years to create what he believes are masterpieces.