How Chris Arvan Overcame Drug Addiction And Hearing Loss To Be Successful 

Chris Arvan is an artist and musician who’s currently making a lot of noise in the NFT space. An artist on the rise, Chris is definitely someone to keep an eye on, carrying with him a massive potential.

Chris’ life wasn’t always this vibrant. In his late 20s, he faced a heroin addiction and almost died from an overdose. Fortunately, he was able to wake himself up from this nightmare by becoming sober when he turned 30. Chris has been sober for more than 22 years now, so he lives his life as if it’s a second shot given to him.

Back in 2017, Chris faced a big challenge in his life, as just as he was building his music career, he partially lost his hearing. It started in his left ear, moved to his right, and got worse as time went by. Chris was already making his own music during those times, producing music for some movies. Losing his sense of hearing would mean losing his career as well, so he had to do something to fix it.

Chris went to a doctor, and he was diagnosed with sudden sensorineural hearing loss, hyperacusis, and diplacusis. He was losing the ability to decipher pitches and range, which was a vital skill in his music career. Just as he was about to surrender, Chris tried hyperbaric oxygen treatments in 2018, which proved to be effective. He stuck with this treatment, and by the fall of 2019, about 85% of his hearing had come back to normal.

During Chris’ darkest moments, he relied on music and art as his outlet to keep his hopes alive. Back in the day, visual arts was just his secondary interest to music, but he learned how to combine the two. His artwork can actually stand on its own as well, without music. Chris blends his music and visual art in a unique way by blurring the lines in the creation process. The visuals are not ‘audio-reactive,’ nor are they ‘scored to’ music. Instead, both play off each other and work at the same time, just like how one would produce a song or piece of music. Learning how to fuse music and arts became a beneficial source of distraction in tough times. While on his way to recovery, Chris was already making music for himself and many feature films

Despite the harsh experiences he had to endure, Chris believes he had to go through those things to be the man he is today. He learned his lessons the hard way, so he has no plans on focusing on the ghosts of his past but chooses to move forward instead. Music and NFT arts changed Chris’s life, and he’s forever grateful to these two industries he has chosen to blend.

Chris’ amazing collection can be seen on his Instagramaccount and his profile in the NFT marketplace OpenSeaKnownOrigin, and Foundation. His followers can also connect to him via Twitter and Discord. Chris’ incredible journey proves that any person can be successful,regardless of their past.