Recording Artist  D’usé Saida Shares Where She Gets Her Inspiration 

Massachusetts-born musician and recording artist D’usé Saidahas gained immense success in the music industry. From music videos to duos, Saida has made a career out of her sheer handwork and determination. So, what were the hardships that she had to endure? And what ultimately led her to where she is today? 

As mentioned, Saida was born in the Massachusetts countryside, and she was raised in a family that ironically was not musically inclined. Saida started to play the piano, guitar, and violin as a child. These were early signs of her incredible talent. However, that wasn’t all. When she was only 5 years old, Saida started to sing. Her talent was apparent from the beginning, and she was made “select chorus” in the second grade. These were all early indicators that Saida possesses an incredible talent, which would soon take the spotlight. 

Around 2018, Saida made a big change in her life and moved to Brooklyn, New York. When looking back at some tough moments in life, Saida remembers this move as a significant one. She had the comforts of home and people she knew in Massachusetts, all of which she left behind. 

Saida’s journey into the music industry had started, and she was inspired by some legendary artists such as Erykah Badu, Amy Winehouse, Lauren Hill, Ari Lennox, Gwen Stefani, MIA, and more. Learning and being inspired by these people ultimately gave Saida the confidence and direction she needed, along with the talent and skills she already possessed. 

Her first music video titled “Madame Ponsardin” was something she was extremely proud of, and since then, she has worked constantly to improve herself and her work. She has worked with incredible producers, stylists, and photographers, including photographer Marc Baptiste. He has previously worked with iconic people like Aaliyah, Erykah Badu, Britney Spears, Michelle Obama, Andre 3000, Idris Elba, Ciara. 

Along with that, Saida has also worked with some incredible producers such as LaChaleur, and Music Man Ty, someone who has previously worked with people such as Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz, Lei Keli, and others. 

When talking about wisdom and her experience while gaining success, Saida says that one of the most important factors is to always count on yourself. She says that you should have the confidence in yourself to get the job done. However, at the same time, the advice that Saida offers also has another side. She says that while you should be as confident as you can, you should never let that confidence blind you from being able to see where you might need help from others. Achieving a balance and knowing your capabilities is key. 

As for the future, Saida has plans. She wants her upcoming work to represent quality over quantity, and in that sense, she sees herself as the female Frank Ocean or Kendrick. Saida says that she wants to create timeless projects and music that will live on regardless of the trends. After all, the people that have inspired her in the first place have all done a remarkable job, and so will Saida.