Why You Should Follow and Listen To Rising Star Tian Boothe

Tian Boothe is an award-winning film director and music star making her mark in the space. Tian is known for always creating a lot of buzz in the entertainment industry. From writing touching stories to giving mind-blowing performances as an actress, she always entertains her audience. In the music scene, Tian is known for her unique and authentic style that fuses various pop genres mixed with a bit of classical.

The super talented actress is also known for her roles in the films Shattered Dream, E.R. Compliance, and E.R. Emotional Release alongside actress Cate Kessler. She’s also known for her part in Ain’t No Other Way, an Amazon Prime Video. Her films explore the complexities of human emotions and the significant times in our lives. She believes that cinema is one of the most powerful tools to express yourself.

Though she has a quiet personality, Tian is a master of her art and craft, and she is most known for her work behind the camera. It’s inspiring to see American women shining brightly in their communities in various ways. Essentially, her work has always outshined everyone else, and it’s fun to watch her develop in front of the camera as she shows off her other skills.

Throughout her career, Tian has faced numerous challenges and obstacles, which she has successfully managed to get over. The biggest challenge she has overcome was trying to juggle work while taking care of a young child. Tian says it is not easy finding the balance between being there for your child and giving your all to your craft. Work-life and family life cannot be ignored. It took her a while to master this art, and that’s why she considers her present success as the biggest highlight of her career.

Though getting started in the creative world can be challenging, Tian wants others to understand that there is always space for everyone to thrive in the space. She strongly believes that everyone has the same potential to succeed, and if you never lose hope, you can bring your dreams to life. Believing in your potential keeps you on the right path towards achieving your goals by helping you overcome the many naysayers. Identify what you want to achieve and use the right strategies to help you get there. Remember, quitters never win, and winners never quit. Keep grinding until you achieve more than what you anticipated.

Aside from the film and music world, Tian shares a passion for charity, and she has invested in volunteering for different organizations. In the past, she has volunteered for Centers For Spiritual Living, Kiwanis International, and JSPCA Animal Shelter, as she has always been a huge advocate for child and animal safety. Her dream is to see the world become a better place for everyone and see others bring their dreams to life.