Meet Rebecca Sundel, the Top Model Making Her Mark

At only 23, Rebecca Sundel is already coming up as one of the top model talents to watch out for. The Washington-born graduate of the University of Miami has established her presence as a notable influencer working with brands from diverse industries such as beauty, travel, photography, and music. A wearer of many hats, Rebecca is also a full stack web developer and works as a freelancer model represented by RoyalGlitz Models, Top Tier Models, and Bleu Bae Models.

A multifaceted brand, Rebecca uses her platform to break American beauty standards in the modeling industry and break stereotypical barriers. Being half black and half white, Rebecca’s goal is to inspire women worldwide, no matter their color, size, or shape. She wants to show them that anything is attainable with the right mindset. 

From a young age, Rebecca envisioned making an impact in people’s lives, and having a big platform that allows her to do just that is a dream come true. She wants to educate, offer a helping hand, give back, and motivate others to live to their full potential. Rebecca has also taken it upon herself to proudly represent bi-racial women as she is a brown-skinned, Trinidadian, French, German, and English beauty. 

“Growing up, I always struggled with my looks. I am bi-racial, but I don’t look like my siblings, who could be white-passing; I look darker and more like my Trinidadian mother. I was bullied for not looking like them or not fitting society’s norms for what mixed kids should look like. Because they were ignorant and could not understand that we don’t know how genes work and anyone could come out possessing any recessive or dominant gene,” Rebecca explains.

Giving back to society has always been a huge passion for Rebecca, and she never fails to seize an opportunity to lend a helping hand where possible. In the future, she wants to own rehab facilitation and housing for people on the street to get them off drugs. In these facilities, she’d like to make use of research to help figure out weaning methods for drug addicts, educate them, help get them jobs, and filter them back into society as fully functioning members of society. 

With an entrepreneurial mindset, Rebecca is also looking to establish a makeup and perfume line. She has always been attracted to perfumes, and it’s her dream to create a makeup line that is inclusive of darker-skinned women. 

“I know for me, growing up, it was hard to find foundation or lip colors that matched my darker skin color. I want to create a line that caters to even women of the darkest complexion, so they feel beautiful too,” Rebecca explains.

Rebecca also aspires to pursue the musical ambitions that she has had since childhood. She grew up playing the piano, and she believes it’s time to get out of her comfort zone and explore the realm of music. The goal is to use her voice to impart knowledge and hope to people who have been in bad relationships and thought they couldn’t love again. Music is a universal language, and Rebecca wants to leverage the medium to preach hope and address mental health issues, a significant topic affecting society.