Break out Artist Whoa Whoa Hot is Disrupting the Music Scene

Reintegration into society after incarceration is not easy. Most people who find themselves incarcerated find it hard to conform to the norms of society after their release. It takes a willful desire to change your ways for society to accept and endorse you. Shannon Floyd is a renowned hip-hop artist who has proved that it is possible to change your bad habits, conform to society’s expectations, and have a thriving career. He has risen against all odds, from incarceration to becoming a household name in the music industry.

Popularly known by his stage name, “Whoa Whoa Hot,” he was raised on the west side of Atlanta. Growing up wasn’t easy for him since his family was not financially stable. At a young age, he made his way out to the gritty streets to fend for himself, just like many youths from inner-city Atlanta. Being on the streets predisposed him to many vulnerabilities and eventually led him to commit crimes.

To maintain his struggling family, Whoa Whoa Hot engaged in petty crimes to get money to buy necessities. As Hot grew older, the seriousness of his crimes escalated. At seventeen, he was involved in his first felony, which saw him incarcerated. After being in and out of prison, Hot resolved to pursue a different career, not just for himself but for his family too. The resolution was Hot’s most significant turnaround, and his journey to greatness began without turning back.

Hot’s journey in the music industry began in 2019 when a friend encouraged him to try music. Uncertainties are usual at the beginning of every career, but all it requires is to take the first step, and everything else will fall into place. After Hot released a few singles, he drew the attention of Pis Po Records, a new independent label out of Junction City, Kansas. They were impressed with his unrivaled sound and signed him immediately. 

A hip hop artist, his star began to shine brighter as he released his debut single, “Hot,” on January 8, 2021. With just one song out, Hot caught the attention of Cory Sparks, VP of Epic Records. Although their meeting didn’t materialize into a partnership, it gave him a chance to work on his next release, “Lil Boy,” which he dropped on October 28, 2022.

Growing up in an environment where people don’t easily make it, Hot acknowledges that motivation, consistency, and opportunity have propelled him to where he is today. His biggest career highlight was seeing his face on a billboard. Moreover, meeting with a record label executive after his debut motivated him to work harder and maintain his focus.

Hot’s story of rising from being an inmate to fame as an artist inspires many people. It’s a clear indication that you can rise from nothing and scale the heights to bask in the glory of a successful person. Hot advises people to stay patient and committed to whatever they dream of, and they will eventually succeed.

As Hot continues to make moves in the music industry, his current goal is to be a breakout artist of all time. He also looks forward to giving back to his community by giving them opportunities and motivation to keep going. A family man, Hot has plans to see his family succeed. He hopes to break generational curses and provide a better life for his children in the coming years.