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A diamond in the rough is the genuine personification of the banger from Brooklyn’s

very own Nino Khayyam. You must dig deep through the rigid exterior of F*CK Widdah Noccca in order to uncover the precious jewel within. Haunting, choppy synths mixed with incredibly dope, rattling drums creates a very “trap muzik” feel. This is an extremely unique sound coming from an east coast rapper, and is just a glimpse of how diverse Nino’s skills are.

IMG_20130406_230928Nino has captivated the crowds locally and he feels that this is the time to share his passion on a global level. A true Emcee, whose intent is to connect with other artists in order to keep REAL hip hop alive.  The song F*CK WIDDAH NOCCA and the straight in your face delivery is a humble scream at the industry not for money or fame; but just to rock with musicians (simple). The first impression of this track is naturally a turn-up party tilt vibe, masterminded by genius producer Future Keyz & Nino.  It urges people to proceed with caution and convey warmth & trust rather than prejudice.  Nino’s style is very clever, and plays to the abstract ears of the industry, exuding heavy bass dropping beats while delivering a deep, radical message within, only if one takes the time to listen & extract it. The scope has been on this artist for a minute and he has plenty of exciting and phenomenal projects ahead.  To infinity and beyond is the mentality of this talented individual and I am looking forward to some more work from this trendsetter. As we evolve in this hip hop game, loyalty and respect should never become extinct. Salutations to Nino Khayyam for his commitment to REALNESS! Peace and Love…

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Author: Mr. Hood Critic

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