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Nino Khayyam ft. Notorious Big



When you think about the things that influence you it is usually in line with your dreams and goals. If your goal is to be basketball player you’re usually influenced by some who plays basketball. The same goes for music rappers look to rappers, country artist to other country artist, and gospel to gospel artist. What would happen if you look outside your box? Mahlik Nino Khayyam does just that. Coming out of Brooklyn, NY he goes by just Nino Khayyam and its more than just rap that inspires his music he says; “ I like realish- that touches and inspires people” So life overall influences me.

His approach is described as gritty and electric. But he’s more than just that. With his influence of the New York streets and listening to greats such as Bob Marley and Malcom X Nino is an example of when street smarts meet book smarts.


Nino Khayyam exclusive ft. The Notorious BIG

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