Q & A with DJ Mullah

Aleem Radio PicQ. Where are you from?                               A. I’m from Orlando, FL.

Q. Who influenced you to become an DJ?       A. A DJ by the name of Slic Vic who was one of the founders of a Florida based DJ group, Jam Pony Express!
And why? The way Slic Vic regulated the mic and controlled the party, made me want to do the same. It was something special when Vic ripped the set. He took it from being just a party to being a show!

Q. What are you currently working on?                                                                                         A. I am working on my forthcoming DJ inspired album titled, Legendary Vol 1, coming out late 2015.

Q. How do you feel about bootlegging?                                                                                           A. If your music is hot enough, you will definitely get bootlegged, that’s just how it is. The plus side is that it will definitely bring exposure to your single or album, which will eventually lead to show money.

Q. How can the people find you?                                                                                                       A. https://www.facebook.com/pages/DJMullah407/
https://twitter.com/djmullah407/ http://instagram.com/djmullah407 https://myspace.com/djmullah407 and djmullah407@gmail.com

Author: Mr. Hood Critic

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