Dollah Dae – “10 Years Later”

DolladaeSet To Release Greatest Hits Album

Longevity and relevancy are not easy to pair, especially in such an evolving music industry. Yet this is exactly what Southern musician, Dollah Dae and his label, Flat Lyne Entertainment have embodied. As a writer at Hip Hop Weekly once stated, “Flat Lyne is the reality of a heart felt need in Southern hip hop and the culture as a whole.” This need has been the key to what has been fueling Dollah for over a decade, and it continues to be a major source of inspiration. With such a vast collection of content amassed over such a long period of time, it was decided to compile all of the greatest into one official collection.

Coming this December, Dollah Dae will deliver “Ten Years Later,” a special collector’s edition album, consisting of music from his debut release in 2005 “Tha Lyne Volume One,” up to his most recent 2014 album, “Open Safe.” “Ten Years Later” is teeming with 15 of Dollah Dae’s most critically acclaimed records, taking the listeners on an epic voyage with his breakthrough radio single “By Tha Bar” and the legendary club banger, “Swang Then,” to the infectious anthems like “Cash N Advance,” and “Coast Boy.” Dollah Dae also reminds his audience of his vivid story telling technique on the stand out track, “Where I Been.”

10 yearslater

The production on #TenYearsLater is powered by high quality sounds from producers like HearBeatz, CoDa, Dreaux, Mike E.D., and more. All of the Dollah Dae supporters will be more than satisfied with this solid effort leading up to his new 2016 project “Another Dae Another Dollah.” Dollah is giving away pre-orders of the entire album for only $1, leading up to the official release date of December 28, 2015.


PRE-ORDER #TenYearsLater FOR $1

Author: Mr. Hood Critic

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