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Up & Coming Artist – RashadDotB

RashaddotbRashadDotB, the Mississippian by way of Florida rapper, is a multi-talented individual that is the accumulation of amazing vocals, solid musician, engineer and songwriter. His newest project entitled “Asthmatic” drops February 12, 2016, embodies the mental, physical and emotional burden of growing up and living with Asthma. This project provides an audacious illustration into the life of RashadDotB including his personal vendettas.

The single “Inhaler” provides an artistic metaphor for a sexy and refreshing relief as it is creatively paired with a smooth and sultry track of music. DotB’s music connects his audience on levels of imagery that attract the mind, body and soul. His aim is to create an element of resonation with his fans while sharing and connecting through his life’s experiences.

For more information, contact:
IG: @rashaddotb
Snapchat: @DotB

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