Facenville Releases Fiery New Single “Hey Sexy”

“Hey Sexy” is the hot new single released by Facenville out of the B.A.G Camp featuring Hostyle Whosane that has the Queen City and beyond abuzz! The lively track is heavily laced with a gaggle of instruments that immediately draws its listeners in and its soulful vibe with hip hop bravado that keeps you immersed in the song. Facenville’s passion for music is evident in both his lyrical style and melodic delivery.

Facenville’s words and Da Bad Apple’s sounds built the foundation for B.A.G. The creative collective came together originally in 2011 as Appleville Records. Making music and building a loyal fan base; the duo’s name, company and popularity grew. Performing all over the South, the team grew when members Hostyle Whosane and Ming came on board in 2013. That same year Appleville Records became independently owned & operated B.A.G.an indie label with big business goals, the team provides all in house products for its artists and other aspiring artists in all fields of the entertainment industry. They’ve shared the stage with artists such as Big Daddy Kane, Kendrick Lamar and Macklemore. Headlining the Konnected Koncert Series in 2014, the group continues making major moves. With hopes of being a household name and world renowned business, the B.A.G Camp is well on their way with the official release of Facenville’s “Hey Sexy” Single to close out 2015.

heysexyHip Hop Lover’s rejoice at the renewed sound of strummed guitars, a vivacious bass line and a host of horns conspicuously pieced together by Da Bad Apple on “Hey Sexy”. Hostyle Whosane’s raspy voice commandingly closes out the track and is perfectly paired with Facenville’s effortless delivery that kicks off a vibe to the audience while telling a story everyone can relate to. “Hey Sexy” is the sexiest new single out of 2015 and will show the world the many talents B.A.G has to offer!

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