Jackie Venson Interview

alley6HCM. When did you start making music and taking it serious?
Jackie. I began playing and learning the piano at age 8 and I haven’t stopped since! I picked up guitar at 21 and began writing songs around that same time.

HCM. Do you feel that the industry needs more artist like yourself? Why?
Jackie. I believe a lot of what’s happening in the industry is music being created for shallow intentions, fame, money etc. I make music because I love music and because I want to spread a message of expression and integrity. I believe this needs to be more commonplace.

HCM. How do you feel about pirating?
Jackie. I feel like if my music has had enough exposure to where people want to steal it, woo hoo! This means people are listening to my stuff. As for pirating in general, it’s just going to happen and is a side effect of the internet age. There are so many great things about the internet age so we just need to take the good with the bad and find another way around.

HCM. Who do you feel are the best singers?
Jackie. The singers that don’t worry too much about sounding like someone else and blaze their own trail.
Why? Because all of the singers in history that are considered the greatest are extremely authentic and don’t try to be anyone but themselves. It’s just pure evidence.

HCM. Are you the best at what you do in your opinion?
Jackie. This is a very big world, I’m great at what I do but there’s no such thing as “best, better” etc. in music. Music is not a competition, it is an art form and an expression of the human condition.

console_closeup2HCM. Who was your inspiration?
Jackie. My parents and artists like Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Lauryn Hill. Also my music teachers who taught me to keep going no matter what.

HCM. What is your ultimate goal at the end of your career?
Jackie. To have never given up and to have lived a musical life full of traveling and creating. To have met wonderful people I would’ve not met otherwise, to have inspired others to do the same. To be happy with what I’ve done and be ready to rest.

HCM. What are you currently working on and how can the people find you?
Jackie. Jackie Venson Live drops in September, find me on my website http://www.jackievenson.com

Author: Mr. Hood Critic

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