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New Single By Scoop Lo Featuring Drake and DJ Aqueous


Debonaire Group/Roc Nation affiliate artist Scoop Lo has released new single featuring hit maker Drake and long collaborator Dj Aqueous. The song pays an ode to women getting out of a relationship. It also features a child’s voice which is actually Scoop Lo’s son.

This adds an innocence to the record that has yet to be explored. It also tackles depression by giving light hearted sentiments in regards to instructions on how to get over said depression. 30% of the proceeds of this record will go into programs that counter and help people suffering from depression.

I love that it subtlety tackles depression while making a quiet hit – Timothy Turane Chief Marketing Strategist

There is also a wine being developed with Windsor vineyards for a special edition version of the record that will be available on

For more information contact:

Ryan Davis
Telephone 367-926-3036
Cell 856-896-4862

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