New York-Based Rapper Biscuit Uses New EP To Highlight Issues Within Society

If you were to put all the hip-hop artists in the world into one place, New York-based rapper Biscuit would be quick to point out the elephant in the room.

“There are all kinds of problems that aren’t being addressed within the music scene today,” said the artist who hails from Rockland County, New York. “That is the whole elephant in the room – all of these problems that nobody is talking about. Problems in the urban community and with society in general – the way things are going on politically, urban-wise and throughout the community. Before there used to be a balance – rappers would have fun and then talk about real issues. But I feel like there’s no balance today. There are maybe 10 artists or less talking about what’s really going on and everyone else is just partying. I want to be the kind of artist who sheds light on those problems throughout all of my tracks.”

That’s not to say that Biscuit doesn’t create music that’s fun and entertaining to listen to. On the contrary, his new project “Elephant from The County,” which he released Aug. 11, is making waves with an ever-increasing number of fans and others within the industry for its blend of thought-provoking lyrics and catchy beats. It’s praise that he hopes will continue to grow his audience, and as that fan base grows he hopes that they see what kind of artist he is and how creative he can be compared to other artists.

“I think that creativity is what sets me apart,” he said. “You don’t really hear many people today with my kind of creativity. Instead of hearing the beat and making the song, I end up creating a whole world with the song. My producers always tell me that I always make a deeper thing than what they usually present to me, and that’s because I want to be way more creative than a lot of things that are going on in the industry right now. My last project, for instance, was called ‘Mind of a Gamer’ and it was all around the idea of video games. But I wasn’t really talking about video games. I was just using that as a metaphor for topics that people can relate to in real life. All of my music and my stories are created to make people think and to inspire them … and to have fun sometimes, too. I want that good balance.”

As “Elephant from the County” continues to ride a wave of success, Biscuit said he’s currently working toward finalizing a music video for the project’s first single, “Desert of the Real.” It’s a song that he said is based off the movie “The Matrix,” and uses the metaphor from that film as a way of reinforcing his message about acknowledging the reality of the world today.

He’s also hard at work on another project that he’s calling “This Ain’t a Movie Dog.” He said it will be a similar concept to “Mind of a Gamer,” but with movies as the source for metaphors instead of video games.

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Author: Mr. Hood Critic

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