Kofi: An International Collision of An Undefined Melodic Presence

Bringing versatility with an international melodic passion to life musically; Kofi is ready to make a long-standing imprint in his career. Introducing his debut project entitled “Love is Pain,” Kofi has been building his music catalog. He has already collaborated with artists that include Quality Control’s own Lil Baby and Kollision, Derez DeShon, and Don Q just to name a few. Artist, Producer, and Songwriter; Kofi presents a project that will steer passion, emotion, presence and a distinct sound to keep his uniqueness fresh. “Love is Pain” comes from life events and experiences, relationship encounters, and obstacles that have shaped his drive and determination to succeed limitlessly.

“From pain, love, heartbreaks and learning experiences, I’m able to express that through my music being presented to the world. This project isn’t just a release for my own experiences, but relatable to so many people’s lives as well. You can’t experience love without pain, and pain cannot truly be felt in life without the feelings that come from love. Love is Pain is an expression of living life abundantly while embracing your journey with the good, bad, highs and lows.” Kofi adds.

Kofi is more focused on the development behind his artistry. He is honing a household international brand that combines a mix of his Ghanaian culture and his love of the diversity in the American music arena. Born as Nana Kofi Okyere Baffour Katinka Amponsah II in Kumasi, Ghana, raised in Ohio and recently moved to Atlanta, Georgia to pursue building his career in music and entertainment. His multicultural upbringing gives his talent an accelerated boost in creating a lane of his own in his lyrical keen and melodic delivery. Kofi charismatically infuses his love of Afrobeats, R & B, and Soul on his EP project.

“Love is Pain” is about creating a musically infused connection with my fans. We all experience these emotions, and some of us utilize our life as an example to express where these feelings have taken our journey out loud for others to be able to embrace their paths more openly. My direction in creating music derives from a mood felt, or a mood or event that I am currently faced with, so the collection on my debut project will stream various moods. For example, the song “Deserve it” is from loving someone strongly and the ride behind these feelings. And another track entitled, “Young & Deadly” is another song that stands out that is a tribute to my brother that recently passed away.” – Kofi explains.

Kofi’s professional path in music began at nine years old as the pianist for his church. From there, his attraction to production came at just eleven years old where he would sneak and play around on music production programs on his father’s computer. Once he realized he had a story to tell, Kofi began to add words behind his own production. Passionate, driven, determined while stemming involvement in his growth as a man before the artist, Kofi opens a musical dialogue from real-life events and messages throughout his new project. His artistry isn’t about just making a hit song or project, Kofi wants it to be meaningful while building a fanbase as he is establishing his own imprint on a long-term manner.

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Author: Mr. Hood Critic

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