Information that is unknown to most of his fans, Island Banks traces his roots to a place called St. Vincent and Grenadines. However, he lived in Essex as a child and young musician for the better part of his life. His deep-rooted interest in music is certainly not by chance. Musical genes run deep in his blood. 

Under the wing of his supportive family, he got introduced to different flavors of music, which was a blessing to his natural singing gift. His father was a great fan of hip hop of the 80s and 90s. His siblings loved RnB,House and Uk Garage melody as well, but each had a different taste from the other.

Bank’s Turning Point

He first shone when a demo of his composition attracted gigs and competitions both on radio and tv. According to Banks, it was such a delight to be competing on the same level with famous artists, especially in the house and garage category, where his taste lay. He outshone them. 

One of his idols is Mark Hill. At some point, his great work was acknowledged by Hill, and he has never felt more humbled. His rebrand also worked well towards raising his profile a notch higher. It was during his career make-over that his current stage name was birthed. This happened during his brief disappearance from the scenes. He came back with a new crown that read Island Banks and a gown that bore two hit singles.  

What Does The Future Look Like For Island Bank?Island has a couple of projects going on under several production labels. House music has been his latest musical trademark, and his following is a clear indication that it suits him. He confirms that a stream of house hits will be hitting the waves before the end of the year. One of them under Perfect Havoc Records, “Play it cool,” is set to be released by early September this year.