Dada Harsh & Axe Drops A New “Bombshell”: It’s Historic In The City

Dada Harsh & Axe Drops A New “Bombshell”: It’s Historic In The City

Dada Harsh and his brother Axe are gifted musicians living in the United Kingdom. Born in Jamaica, the duo have ventured into the hip-hop genre. At an early age, Dada and his brother moved to the United Kingdom from Jamaica and have resided in south London until today. As artists, living in south London has offered them a wide connection with other artists and music producers. 

Early in his career, Dada started off doing musical attempts and occasional music recordings in the studio. He was later joined by his younger brother Axe, and they have both managed to create amazing projects together. Axe grew under the influence of his brother Dada, and as a result, developed an interest in music. Dada became an inspiration to his younger brother Axe and is now a serious recording music artist. 

Creative motivation

Dada Harsh and Axe come from a community of passionate and self-driven people. Through their music, they have found a way of addressing issues in society. The individual desire to improve lives is one of the motivational factors that drive these brothers in their musical career. Dada confesses to cherish the ability to impact a person’s life and to influence change in society. This, he says, is something that gives him great satisfaction whenever he is working on something. With the duo growing in popularity, they will soon be able to reach thousands of people, both locally and internationally. 

Stimulating Process

In addition, the pleasure of creating a masterpiece is another motivation. Music is creation, and it involves coming up with new beats, words, and tunes. Everything within a new song is always fresh, original, and unique. Different music sells better and more compared to familiar music. Therefore, every musician aims at creating something far more distant from the usual music in the mainstream. This need to create the perfect mix of words, beats and tunes motivates the creator to give all his or her best when making music. These are just some of the motivations that fuel Dada Harsh and Axe in their musical career, besides the usual glam and fame from being musicians.

New Single’ City” Released To The Mainstream

Music producer GRM Daily recently released a hit single, ‘City’ by Dada Harsh, featuring his younger brother Axe. The single also comes with a video release shot by Eric Myers and Mr. Chinsman’s Mediaworx. In the video, we have a glimpse of Dada Harsh and Axe celebrating their extraordinary life. 

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