MagniSkin: The ultimate destination to pursuing perfect skin

MagniSkin is a famous salon based in London. The global brand is managed by the two siblings Pinar and Songul. MagniSkin is the ultimate answer for women who are looking for perfect and flawless skin. Before becoming an entrepreneur, one of the sisters pursued a career in the business industry to become a project manager and others pursued a career in the field of teaching. After working for a while, both realized that corporate life is not their ultimate goal so eventually they decided to follow their passion and dreams and thus MagniSKin was launched in the year 2019.

MagniSkin is a salon that always keeps up with the ongoing trends. It includes the latest technology in the industry in order to offer the best service to their clients. The main goal of MagniSkin is to make women feel comfortable in their own skin and help them feel empowered. The Magniskin team works on facial and body enhancement magic to help the needs of the clients in the most desirable form. They offer the new era of facial and body technology and hand-on skills which a total satisfaction to the clients. It always delivers the most effective treatments which are why they have earned a long list of high-profile clients which includes bloggers, influencers, reality TV stars and many more.

Celebrities like Lemy Beauty, Janet Joshua, Arabella Chi, Francesca Allen. Baby Gee, Sasha Pereiraa, Ellie Jones, Its Bee and Elma Pazar are some of the regular and loyal clients of MagniSkin who have sought individually curated treatments like Laser hair removal, Facial, Brazilian Booty Lift, Double Chin reduction, EmSculpt and Bumcial. The MagniSkin team believes that each and every treatment has its unique touch and are all performed with equal love and dedication.

The MagniSkin team works 24/7 to introduce new ideas and create marketing and producing content that can support their brand. They also manage social media to keep it up to date with the latest trends and control their website by processing their orders and making bookings for their clients. They also manage an academy that provides aids to all women who are starting their career as a beautician, with courses in Anatomy, Physiology, Magni Bumcial Course, Dipomed Stretch Mark Course, Deluxe Dermaplane Course, etcetera.

It is their dream to become international entrepreneurs which is why they are striving hard to attain their dream. Magniskin is simply an inimitable, empowering and magnificent brand which aims to make women feel confident both inside and out. To know more about MagniSkin, follow them on: