Musician L-Easy – the Best Upcoming Artist

Breaking through the music industry is one of the most challenging but most desired achievements of any musician. The music industry has evolved over the years, and as a musician, you need more than just your talents to push you to the top. You have to invest lots of studio hours, hard work, and endless sacrifices for you to come close to attaining success. It’s no different when it comes to the Afrobeats. Again, commitment and hard work are needed to place you at the elite level. The recent year has witnessed African music cross the borders to the global stage. The afro-beats sound, in particular, has penetrated Europe and some parts of the U.S, with artists such as Burna Boy winning the Grammys.

On the rise is Lucky Obibi Oghnechawuko, or L-Easy as he is known by his stage name. He is a talented singer and music producer based in Port-Harcourt, Nigeria. He has over six years of experience in the music industry, and has worked with several underground artists and young promising talents. He has hit the airwaves with his debut album, ‘The Maturation’, a cross-pollination of ideas and sounds.

L-Easy comes from Port-Harcourt, Nigeria’s hotbed of Afro beats. His musical sound is greatly influenced by RnB, hip-hop, and afro beats that he grew up listening to. ‘The Maturation’ is a typical example of his sound, a fuse of classic hip-hop, RnB, and afro beats. As a music producer, he draws inspiration from DJ Khaled, Pharell, and Jayz.

But what has captured everyone’s attention is his album. The project is a classic production that cuts across various sounds and music genres beyond any geographical stereotype in music today. The album features various artists from Nigeria, America, and Jamaica who have come together for the project. The different artists bring diversified musical ideas and sounds that blend beautifully, enriching the intriguing verses and catchy beats.

Having played what is better known as the Khaled role perfectly, he showcases his music production capabilities. It is amazing the way he brings out the beauty in the collaboration producing an impeccable breakout. The different sonic soundscapes in the tracks are perfectly put together, creating a body of work that offers much. The artists’ voices blend effortlessly despite the different approaches from the diverse artists.

The project is dear to L-Easy  as he hopes to capitalize on music’s power to impact the world positively. He aspires to use the diversity of the artists to bring unity, especially now that ethnic tensions threaten to disrupt peace. Therefore, listening to the records should not subject you to visualizing a country, boundary, religion, or race. Instead, his dream is to provide a universal language for the world. When anyone listens to songs from America, Jamaica, or Nigeria, they should hear one voice.

But that’s not all; L-Easy is also passionate about helping other artists break their way into the music industry. He uses his label, L-Easy Music Worldwide, to help and bring an array of talented musicians from across the world to the forefront. He feels a great sense of fulfillment by helping someone else now that he has the capability to do so. The label has two artists signed, Hitboy Kellez and Highlife Soes, both promising talents. They are looking to recruit more artists moving forward, and he promises nothing but the best.