Miloud Reveals The Secret To Gaining Millions Of Streams On Spotify

Spotify, one of the top global streaming platforms, hosts more than 70 million songs, with a steady rate of 60,000 new uploads every day. The rise of the music platform provided new artists an easy way to publish their songs and make a name for themselves in the highly competitive music industry. Miloud, an aspiring young artist who has crossed more than two million streams on Spotify in only a few months shares how he achieved this feat.

Miloud had a curiosity for all things digital from a very young age. He is from the Netherlands and has built his reputation from scratch with the power of social media. He started uploading his music on Spotify in April of 2020 and it didn’t take long before his songs started getting thousands of streams regularly. In a highly competitive industry, a young artist who has made an impact with only six songs is an impressive feat.

Miloud only started publishing his tracks recently while he started working towards his dream to be a musician a long time ago. One essential quality a beginner must have to earn success in the music industry is persistence and hard work.

Miloud started building a name for himself by posting engaging content on social media in 2010. Back then, people weren’t as connected online as they are now. No doubt that he had to go through a lot to build his reputation. However, regardless of the struggles, he persisted. Clearly, the results paid off and it took Miloud almost 5 years to finally be confident enough to publicize his tracks. He was working on his skills and improving himself as a music artist and waiting for the right time to release his music.

Miloud began his journey to stardom when he was nine through Hyves, a popular social media platform in his native country. During 2010, he gained recognition on the platform and was even hailed as one of the top 20 most respected figures on Hyves. However, while his success was remarkable for a nine-year-old, Miloud knew that he could go much further.

He always emphasizes that the desire to reach greater heights is crucial for artists to be successful. After making a name for himself on Hyves, Miloud moved to Twitter and gained more fans along the way. He then started to make his presence felt on Instagram and TikTok, where he started to gain a huge following. His experience proves that making use of various platforms can be beneficial to your growth as a public figure.

Above all, what can certainly make a musician renowned are the tracks they create. Miloud’s reputation as an influential social media personality alone didn’t make him a top artist on Spotify. His songs Apocalyps, Clapp, Drop, Shots, Upcoming, and Wavey characterize unique and captivating tunes that listeners can’t get enough of.

Miloud’s best advice for aspiring musicians is to be confident in their skills. If the music they make has what it takes to catch the public’s attention, fame will naturally follow. However, if they want to boost their reputation, social media platforms can make a significant difference. In addition, throughout the journey, artists must always be grounded and work hard and be persistent to realize their dreams.