Yazan Alsharif Inspires Budding Artists with his Songs

Success comes to those who dare to overcome challenges. Every profession has its own challenges and, in the extremely competitive space, the music industry is no exception. The rising popularity of social media might have presented a promising platform to budding artists but it also has its downsides. Social media can be fatal to an artist’s fame if he or she is not adept at handling criticism. This was the situation for Yazan Alsharif but he chose to overcome that to emerge as a promising star in the music industry. 

From a very young age, Yazan was passionate about music. The notes and rhythms of traditional genres from different eras have always intrigued him. At 13, he composed his first track, which was a medley of contemporary and classical music. As social media was in its infancy at that time, he kept his little accomplishment to his family and friends. Even if he did not earn appreciation from audiences for his composition, Yazan was motivated to pursue music as his career. This was the only thing he excelled in and knew he could continue in music for the rest of his life. 

Yazan dropped out of college to compose music for his YouTube Channel “Yaz Sounds”. Back then, he was recreating old classics into his own composition to present traditional yet trendy music. For a couple of years, Yazan continued recreating old hits for his YouTube channel but did not get the much-deserved appreciation from the audiences. 

Life took a positive turn for him when his recreation of the famous track “When Doves Cry” went viral on social media. His subscriber base reached more than a million within a month and he was being heard by music enthusiasts from all over the world on different social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. This positive change came with its challenges. A section of the audience criticized Yazan for recreating old hits and not trying something original. Some even called him a fake talent while others degraded his efforts calling it a shortcut to success. 

Yazan’s initial experience with social media trolls and criticism lowered his self-confidence for a while. He almost felt that his career had ended before it even started. He soon realized that this negativity was part and parcel of being a star on social media. Instead of losing his spirit to hurtful criticisms, Yazan took it as a challenge to hone his skills. Thereafter, he released 4 singles and all of them were his original creations. 

Yazan’s compositions stand out for his unconventional music and blazing lyrics. His songs reflect his real-life struggles and experiences that resonate with the audience. With his songs, he feels that he inspires them to chase their dreams in the face of all adversities. 

“Let Me Live Once More” is Yazan’s first single which proved to be an apt reply to his critics. The song blends traditional rap with contemporary hip-hop. It highlights the struggles of the artist before he found success and his ultimate realization that success comes at a price. Yazan’s latest release “Live For Your Dreams” is another hard-hitting rap that merges drill music with soul-soothing country notes. The lyrics highlight the pain of people who live with deep regret of unfulfilled dreams. It is an inspiring song that motivates people to chase their dreams instead of drowning in sorrow. 

Yazan uses his success as an artist to inspire people through music. He wants to continue this amazing journey through music for years to come.