How Music Artist LaChaleur Found His Breakthrough in the Industry 

Unless you find something that makes you unique in your industry, success will always pass you by. Talent or skills alone might not be enough if you don’t deliver things differently. Recording artist Diomande Elliott knew that early in his career.

Diomande is from the Bronx in New York, but his family is originally from Ivory Coast in West Africa. When he was just starting out as an artist, he discovered there were few talents from where his family is from in the pop culture limelight.

That was Diomande’s chance, and he took it. French is the main dialect in Ivory Coast, and he drew his inspiration there when looking for a stage name. He settled on LaChaleur, which means “The Heat” in French, and started representing his culture.

LaChaleur brings a unique flavor to the industry with his fashion sense and music. He mixes rock, high-end urban wear, and West African aesthetics to create a style that is distinctly his. All that goes well with his versatile ear for music, allowing him to fuse all the elements he loves. Most of the time, LaChaleur says his mixes produce a dope outcome.

French features a lot in his music too. He says, “I try to throw some French in songs when I can or when it just feels right to me, and I don’t know many or any at all doing that with flair.”

Throughout his career, LaChaleur has performed on some notable platforms. A few years ago, he did a freestyle performance for a Nigerian awards show. He also opened and performed for popular acts P Square, Sarkodie, and Tekno, among others, when he was in a duo group called New City.

As a producer, LaChaleur has already released some records, and some are in the process of being produced. He has produced for Efya, ASAP Ferg, Desiigner, 147 Calboy, 27 Delly, Hassirv, Q Da Fool, and Mac Sauce, among other notable artists.

LaChaleur’s success in the industry has not been without its challenges. He points out consistency as the biggest one he still faces to date. He says, “I may be consistent in some aspects, but I know that sometimes funds and even just time can cause a halt. I never let it bring me down fully, though. I still find a way to be productive even if it isn’t for me.”

There have also been lessons along the way. First, LaChaleur learned that success is about you, but it is not just about you. Sometimes, you may run into situations where you’d like to be recognized and your achievements highlighted, but that doesn’t happen. He says being behind the curtain is a good thing, too, because there’s always something new to learn.

Secondly, growth takes time. LaChaleur says that sometimes you just have to plant the seeds and wait for them to grow. The best things come at unexpected moments. He says, “Give it your all while you can. As long as you maneuver with a genuine purpose, I believe God will bless you when the time is right.”

LaChaleur does not want to be a performer forever. He believes he can help others get into position and develop themselves. In the future, he wants to start a label with a different infrastructure from traditional ones to make that possible.