Musician Roman Cresto Gets His First Big Break

After being neglected by his family and friends, Roman Cresto started his own journey into the world of music. Roman was brought up in a suburban middle class family that always expected him to be a doctor. However, as they saw his ambitions and passions change and move towards the music industry, they withdrew all their support and left him to manage on his own. 

He was only 17 when he left his family. The coming months were the most difficult in his life; he had to sleep on benches in a park and sometimes would spend the night at some of his friends’ places. 

Roman borrowed his best friend’s computer and started recording music and sending it to different music labels hoping to get a reply from them. If he ever had a reply, it was always a letter saying they were not interested. For months, Roman went through this while working part time at a bar nearby. 

One afternoon, Roman finally received an email from a representative of a New York-based music label company. He said he was blown away by Roman’s demo and wanted to invite him to appear for an audition. His expenses for the trip would be paid for if he chose to accept the invitation. The rest is history. Currently, Roman has launched his latest music album called “Dusk” and he has multiple tours lined up across the country. Roman has gained more than 7 million subscribers on his Spotify and Apple Music channels and feels he is just getting started. 

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