Get to Know Rising Star JHANGY 

Music is the only universal language that transcends all distances. It enhances physical performance, helps us understand and express our emotions better and interact with those around us. Listening to music also helps us feel relaxed and acts as a stress reliever. To talented rapper and songwriter JHANGY, music is the soundtrack to his life. He explains it’s the one place that he can go to at any time and has greatly helped him in his life journey. He is now using music to further his passion for empowering others and spreading positivity.

Since making his debut, JHANGY has gone on to release several songs, including “Girls Love,” “Hating,” and “Gangstar Love,” all of which have received great support from his growing fan base. JHANGY has cemented his place in the music scene in just a short period and is widely known for his unique style, musical diversity, and impeccable voice.

Born to Nigerian and Asian parents, Jang Emmanuel Chukwudi Sungee, popularly known by his stage name JHANGY is half Asian and half African, which has enabled him to infuse both cultures in his music. In creating his songs, JHANGYincorporates a mix of Afrobeats, hip hop, and some Kpop. While his music is more of rap, he notes that he doesn’t confine himself to one music genre.

According to JHANGY, growing up in Africa, he got to experience different cultures and learn more about music. He can speak and rap in three Nigerian languages, enabling him to create music that resonates with his audience and tells the intended story perfectly. He adds that listening and learning from legendary artists in the music scene has helped shape his career.

JHANGY developed an interest in music at a young age. He recalls listening to music on various streaming platforms, which allowed him to experience a wide range of sounds. By the age of 12, he started creating his own music, marking the start of his journey. JHANGY has won several street rap competitions and composed songs for a number of artists.

“Music has been everything to me,” says JHANGY. He notes it has helped him every step of the way. His passion for music has also motivated him to keep pushing even when faced with challenges. He studied music in college and is well conversant with sound engineering and music production.

Speaking about one of his biggest challenges, JHANGY notes he lost his father at a young age. He adds that music was his escape during those difficult moments, and it acted as a coping mechanism. JHANGY is also grateful for the support from his family throughout that period and in his journey as an artist.

His advice to young dreamers is to never be scared of doing anything and believe in yourself. “When you follow your passion, even when you encounter obstacles, you will always find a way to overcome them,” says JHANGY. He adds that it’s better to fail at trying than not to try at all. While he hasn’t been in the industry for long, his impact is clearly visible. His songs have continued to attract attention globally, with many naming his music as the next big thing. Looking to the future, JHANGYsays he wants to keep making good music, perform on stage more, and make more people understand his craft.