New Music From Marco Antonio Henriquez Moreno Is About to Go Global

Dance music has a way of uniting people, irrespective of their cultural backgrounds. An artist can take you deep into another culture within seconds with well-crafted lyrics and accompanying beats. As you swing to the rhythm of a pulsating beat, surrounded by other gyrating bodies on a dance floor, you can absorb the energy from anywhere in the world. Drawing from his multicultural experiences, up-and-coming singer Marcoahz is on a mission to do exactly that.

Born Marco Antonio Henriquez Moreno, the artist started singing at a young age. As he grew older, he discovered his passion for entrepreneurship and concentrated on creating a fashion brand. Long before many business owners adopted e-commerce, Marcoahz was raking in huge profits on sites like eBay. Marcoahz later opened 3 successful physical stores in his hometown. However, despite attaining massive success as an entrepreneur, Marcoahz still held on to his dream of making music. So, to actualize that dream, he took the first step and started making music 3 years ago.

Marcoahz drew inspiration from his rich cultural background to create enjoyable music. His family is originally from the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean, but he grew up in the small town of Gijon in the North West of Spain. Marcoahz’s goal was to create electronic dance music that would be played in the most popular nightclubs in cities like Miami, Dubai, London, New York, and Manchester.

In 2018, he made his first move in the music industry by launching a national music and fashion brand in Spain. He named it MARCOAHZ, and that’s where he produces his singles and albums. His music is part of a musical project he is working on that will be part of the MARCOAHZ diskette label. Now, Marco is ready to release his latest production. Tropical, Latin, and dance hall are the key ingredients in this funky sound.

Marcoahz has been influenced by various artists such as Drake and Kendrick Lamar, but he has a unique sound that is solely his. Marcoahz has a tropical disco beat that will have you swaying to the rhythm. The beat is catchy and fast-paced, making it perfect for when you’re in a good mood or need some motivation. The danceable and varied instruments in the background make his songs perfect to groove to.

Marco pays homage to his culture in every beat and lyric in his music. Even if you’ve never been, his music will see you escaping to the relaxing tropical beaches of Punta Cana, where Marco’s family is originally from. His newest single, “Mambo RK,” is part hip-hop, reggaeton, and pop, which makes it the best addition to a nightclub DJ’s collection. The song is just what you need to unwind after a long day with its Caribbean and urban rhythms.

“Mambo RK” is just one of many projects Marco will release in the future. Though he is currently based in the UK, he plans to take his music to every part of the world. Ultimately, Marco wants to collaborate with the most famous pop DJs worldwide. Later, he hopes to open a bigger clothing brand linked to his music. That way, he will combine his two great loves, music and fashion, and give his fans more projects to look forward to.