How Musician Christian LaNeve Found Power in Adversity

Music is one of the few things that can provide an escape from reality. It can take you to a different place where all your worries and troubles vanish. No wonder musicians have been such an inspiration for generations as their ability to turn pain into something beautiful makes them our heroes. Christian LaNeve understands the power of music better than most. At 18, Christian has experienced more pain than many twice his age. He’s faced loss and rejection and battled with depression and anxiety which he now knows how to work through. Despite these challenges, music helped keep him going because it reminded him that everything gets better eventually. Now, Christian is using his music to help others through their journey and help them feel less alone..

From a young age, pain and rejection were recurring themes in Christian’s life. Growing up, he was often looked down on and always found himself in trouble because he didn’t like conforming to people’s expectations. As a result, he rarely fit in with his peers, which cost him many valuable friendships. When you are young, it’s easy to feel like your life is over when you experience a difficult time. Because of his constant losses, Christian became more withdrawn and more cautious in his friendships. At the same time, he tried harder to assert his independence at home and ended up traveling a destructive path. The result was a wounded young man that hurt the people closest to him. Christian was forced to leave his family and loved ones for months in a row, and on one occasion, a year.

During that year, Christian was at a boarding school in Utah, where he met his friend Luke. Losing Luke remains one of the most painful moments in Christian’s life, but he strives to make his bro proud every day. Over time, Christian has also realized how much his family cares about him and is now trying to give back instead of taking. That desire, coupled with his commitment to making his buddy Luke proud of him, made Christian a better man and artist. For him, music is not just about creating perfect rhymes and rhythms; it’s also about touching hearts and minds. It’s about ensuring people have something to turn to even when everything in their life is falling apart.

A firm believer in the law of attraction, Christian believes you get what you give in this world. On his part, he always strives to do the right thing because he knows the universe will reward him. A few months ago, he released his debut track, “Tell Me Why”, eulogizing his friend and reaffirming his commitment to authenticity. The song also infuses life into his future, painting a picture of a man on a mission to conquer more than his native Pittsburgh, PA. Christian articulates his desire to make an impact in life, whether it is winning Grammies or simply living his everyday life.

Christian hopes to grow his fan base and top charts in the next few years. His goal is to become a multiple platinum-selling, Grammy-winning artist with a loyal audience worldwide. For now, he’s concentrating on creating new music and releasing it on music streaming platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music.