American singer, songwriter, producer, and entrepreneur, John J Hill has conquered these multiple areas with ease

This founder of Teamjohnhill Corporation has aced in areas like consulting, artist development, and collaborative projects.

John J Hill, more popular as Teamjohnhill has aced in the field of music, having conquered multiple areas with success. He holds the reins of a $4 million worth platform, Teamjohnhill Corporation, which facilitates a vast range of services associated with the music sphere. Hill has also served as Vice president of Rap-A-Lot Midwest, and is presently an Executive Liaison with Universal Music Group. His journey so far has been interesting as his stint with music started when was just seven, playing multiple musical instruments like guitar, piano, and drums. Later he began his classical training in Opera.

Hill’s career took an upswing when he collaborated with R. Kelly in the Water Tower in Downtown Chicago. That kick-started his career in the music sphere as he started writing, producing, and performing on R. Kelly Live: The Light It Up Tour in 2007, even playing a part in the making of TP3 Reloaded by R. Kelly, which was nominated for a Grammy Award. This catapulted his popularity to the next level where he got the opportunity to write and produce for artists like Juelz Santana, Jason Derulo, Young Berg, Ray J, 50 Cent, Omarion, Gwen Stefani, and Pharrell Williams, which finally established his name as a credible music professional.

Apart from having a successful career as an executive producer, Hill also contributed to the creation of Herstory, a trio from completely different backgrounds. He has been constantly on the move since then and has grabbed the limelight, getting named as the Entertainment Man of the Year, and getting featured in numerous media outlets, including LA Wire, NY Weekly, Quebec News Tribune, London Journal, and many more. Hill has come a long way since he started off, and today has won recognition for his outstanding work in the field of music. What’s more he has won numerous awards till date which include Icon Award” Bucharest Fashion Week, “Producer of the Year” –The Media Awards, “Platinum Award Winner” –50 Cent, “Before I Self-Destruct” Album, “Gold Award” –Jason Derulo, Self-Titled Album, “Platinum Award” –Ray J, “Sexy can I” single, “Platinum Award” – ”R. Kelly: The Light it Up Tour, Grammy nominee for best composed album – TP3 Reloaded, R. Kelly – Writer untitled.