Massive Start to Marvellous Musical Career

Marvellous a.k.a Marvin Rauf is a DJ & Producer currently based in UAE. Born in England, to Jamaican and Kashmiri parents, from birth Marvin Rauf experienced a diverse and multi-cultural upbringing in which he benefitted from having a richness of perspectives, morals and values.

Recently, Marvin Rauf has turned his leisure time towards music production, sound engineering and DJ’ing. As an avid music advocate, he understands the power and message music conveys and its influence on bringing people of all cultures and backgrounds together. His spontaneous nature, coupled with his affiliation with the music industry, has provided him with a platform that will intricately build on his vision as Ambassador.

Marvellous released his first remix of “Tell Me” on multiple music portals. It’s been a week now, and his remix on Spotify has more than 50,000 streams and over 30,000 monthly listeners. The remix has also got support from major artists, and we can see that Marvellous fans love it.

In a recent interview with Marvellous, He mentioned his upcoming projects, collaborations and many more plans related to his musical journey, and we could say one thing “WE CAN’T WAIT FOR HIS UPCOMING RELEASES.” If you haven’t checked out his remix of Tell Me, then make sure to check it out now.