Meet Baby Vernal, the Artist Fresh Out of High School Making His Mark

The environment in which you nurture your children significantly impacts who they become. The music they listen to growing up may reveal hidden talents, which can lead them to success later in life. Jaquice Hammond, popularly known as Baby Vernal, is someone making a name for himself in the competitive music industry.

Baby Vernal is credited for his unique blend of R&B, hip hop, and soul. The R&B elements in his music provide a smooth and soulful foundation, while the hip hop influences add a modern and edgy feel. This combination creates a sound that is both mellow and upbeat, making his music appealing to a wide range of listeners. His distinct style is also characterized by his melodic voice, which is smooth and soothing, with a hint of vulnerability. His vocals are the perfect complement to his clever and introspective lyrics, which delve into personal experiences and emotions. He writes about love, life, and growing up, and his lyrics are relatable and honest, making it easy for his audience to connect with his music on a deeper level.

Growing up, Baby Vernal was one of those crazy kids in school and became rebellious during the seventh grade. At the time, his favorite artist, XXXTentacion, was topping his playlist. XXXTentacion is still Baby Vernal’s favorite artist and motivated Baby Vernal to dive into the music industry. 

Baby Vernal was always that unique child in every environment. In high school, most students mainly focus on their studies and forget about extracurricular activities. However, Baby Vernal was different. He had a great interest in sports and participated in soccer, wrestling, powerlifting, football, and track while managing his studies. 

2020 was a challenging year for this musical genius and the world due to the Covid-19 epidemic struck. Baby Vernal battled depression and visited the hospital numerous times. Spending time there made him appreciate every day since he realized that the future remains uncertain. He understood life more profoundly and embraced humbleness like never before.

The same year, Baby Vernal lost his grandfather. While it was not as challenging since they rarely saw each other, it was a difficult time for his dad. Seeing a loved one experience pain exposes you to the same, which was the case for Baby Vernal.

Some wisdom to draw from the ambitious artist is to boldly tackle everything you set your mind to. Do not be afraid to do something simply because others are not. Be unique in everything you do, and avoid the path the majority takes. Their destination is overcrowded, and there are not many fruits to reap. Also, embrace life and take each day as a gift and use it to do what you want to do, and achieve it.

In the future, Baby Vernal believes that his brand will take over the world. He also plans on collaborating with another artist on his upcoming songs. Additionally, he will introduce his clothing brand and finally give back to the city he grew up in.