50 Cent – Animal Ambition


Review by John Glynn

Five years on from 2009’s Before I Self Destruct, June 3rd sees the release of 50’s much anticipated Animal Ambition. His first project as an independent rapper, the latest endeavour displays moments of lucid brilliance, something rather refreshing considering the fact that Mr. Muscles has resided in a musical wilderness for far too long.

A man with a “if it ain’t broke” approach to rap, Animal Ambition displays a similar flow to that of his magnum-opus, Get Rich or Die Tryin’. Propelled by engrossing beats coupled with an infectious bass, 50 rhymes like a man possessed.

“Hold On,” a track steeped in progressive futurism, sees 50 drop calculated, lyrical bombs, discussing a sense of entitlement that today’s society seems intent on fostering. A man who comes alive on the mic, just admire the way he mixes belligerence with a real sense of detachment. Unenthused by the current state of music, 50 raises the bar, delivering contagious, beat-infused street narratives. Ever since his debut record dropped, Curtis Jackson has been regarded as a legitimate connoisseur of exciting club tunes. And this fact is displayed clearly on “Smoke,” a thumping, sexually explicit narrative featuring Trey Songz and produced by the legendary Dr. Dre. While the track doesn’t possess the delicious innuendo of “Candy Shop,” it carries a beat that will imbed itself deep within your memory.

animA track reminiscent of the Nate Dogg inspired “21 Questions,” “Twisted” sees 50 recount an episode involving an LL Cool J song and a rather adventurous female. Between the wordplay and supreme production, the track is a near perfect, somewhat schizophrenic, love song.

Animal Ambition’s overall theme is one of familiarity; this is the same 50 that we know and love, the untamed talent behind The Massacre and aforementioned Get Rich. Sexually charged and ready to go, 50 has produced a stellar summer soundtrack, animalistic and ambitious.

Overall : 3.5 out of 5

Author: Mr. Hood Critic

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