“Reign of the Kingpin The Movie – Film Project” by Urban Diversity

Young Bleed ROK“Reign of the Kingpin” is a raw look at the inner cities of USA, its street wars over turf, and the power of societal influence within the role of “The Kingpin”. It is a riveting urban drama about the flow of narcotics in an American city, any major city U.S.A.

“Reign of the Kingpin” is a growing issue. No matter what country you are in, there is a kingpin. To bring the raw uncut truth of the streets to you is our mission! “Reign of the Kingpin”, It’s everywhere you are! Everywhere!!

During the course of the plot of “Reign of the Kingpin”, you will hear the trials and tales in the life of the new rising “Kingpin”. Starting off during his ten-year stint in prison, he encounters the infamous former Kingpin “Rufus Gram”, through whom he attains all the necessary tools and secrets of the master drug lord. The story takes you through the rising Kingpin’s release from prison back into the world, where he proceeds to orchestrate ongoing hired Mercenary lead street battles to combat with rival drug crews over the control of street corner territory.
Slide show of scenes from the movie.

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