Zangba Interview

ZangbaHCM. Where are you from?
Zangba. I was born in Bong Mines, a small mining community located in Bong County, Liberia; and now I live on Long Island, New York.

HCM. How did you come by your stage name?
Zangba. My real name is Zangba Thomson, and being that my first name is unique, I decided to use it as my artist name. My father named me after a prominent Bassa African chief, and later I found out that Zangba means ‘the heart of the soul’.

HCM. Who influenced you to become an artist?
Zangba. I grew up listening to Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and 80s R&B/Pop. Then one day, I think in ’88, I unexpectedly walked into LL Cool J’s video shoot at the 165th street Bus Terminal– by the Colosseum Mall– and I saw LL with his arms around two female models. That up close and personal view, much closer than what I got from Yo’ MTV Raps– left such an everlasting impression that I took a special liking to the emceeing aspect of Hip-Hop. But what really solidified the art form in my heart was when I saw Boogie Down Productions’ My Philosophy music video. Immediately, Kris’ word play, his philosophy, and raps about Africa hit home, and I began began writing my own lyrics. Later, I became influenced by the music of Nas, Tupac, and Jay-Z, and many other influential Hip-Hop artists.

HCM. Today’s music seems to be about collaborations with the “hottest” artist out. Who would you want to work with on a project?
Zangba. I think me and Drake would definitely put out an evergreen, philosophical record that would stand the test of time.

Zangba cover

HCM. What are you currently working on and how can the people find you?
Zangba. I released two different projects this year. The first is “Hip-Hop, Soul, and R&B”, a lovable, 10-track album that’s taking listeners on a joyful ride down lovers’ lane; and the second is “Take a Look… There’s Money All Around You!”, a 1 hour and 15 minutes’ audio book that highlights the secret ingredients needed to become a prosperous moneymaking machine. Both projects are available where music or audio books are sold; and people can contact me via my website at, on Twitter @zangbathomson, or on Facebook @iLikeZangba.

Author: Mr. Hood Critic

Hood Critic Magazine was founded by Holland D. Witherspoon in Bossier City, Louisiana 2013. HOOD CRITIC MAGAZINE was created to cover up and coming unsigned independent artist.