Who Is Griz Gusto?

Griz Gusto is an exclusive member of the rap group Mass Money Entertainment. Griz was born on June 30th, 1993 and was raised in Waltham, MA/Orlando, FL. Despite being born in Waltham, Griz’s roots run deep into the Caribbean islands. Born to two Haitian parents, he proudly claims and represents the Haitian-American community. His earliest music inspirations were Biggie and Lil Wayne. The first time he heard a song by Notorious B.I.G was when a girl from his neighborhood would ride around on her BMX bike blasting “Juicy” off a boombox. He was mind blown by Biggie’s flow and style. Since then, he fell in love with Hip-Hop and the culture.

Griz Gusto is considered to be the most versatile of the group. He prides himself on his versatility which makes him unpredictable on the mic, giving him an edge over today’s new artists. Griz entered 2019 hungrier to succeed more than ever, and he’s ready to raise the bar for all new Rap artists in not only Massachusetts, but across the nation. His latest single “Hello Hey Stranger” is on all streaming platforms and fans can expect an uptempo catchy vibe.

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Author: Mr. Hood Critic

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