Against all odds: Haircare brand Ju Poppin is standing out with quality products even during the pandemic

Healthy hair is a boastful matter for anybody. This is exactly what Ju Poppins believes in. They specifically cater to strengthen and beautify women’s hair. However, nowadays healthy hair has become an uncommon trait due to numerous challenges and busy schedules. People are unable to take care of themselves properly. Having unhealthy hair might contribute to insecurities and self-esteem issues. This is why Ju Poppin has stepped in to help people, especially women, boost their self-confidence and compliment their beauty with healthy hair.

Ju Poppin is an organic hair care business that was founded by Francine Gillian Garcia. She worked hard to reach this level of success. Some of their best products are hair oil, soothing oil, healing scalp mist, foaming lotion, shampoo, conditioner, grooming oil, etcetera. These products are made from organic and 100 per cent pure oil which is carefully sourced from authentic suppliers all over the world. Even after that, all of these ingredients undergo quality check in Canada and are shipped to the U.S.A where they are blended and developed into hair care products.

Some of the commonly bought products listed on the website are Ju Poppin Foaming Lotion, Ju Poppin Moisturising Conditioner, Ju Poppin Moisturising Shampoo, Ju Poppin Anti-itch Soothing oil, Ju Poppin Scalp Healing Most, Ju Poppin Vitamin E Oil, Ju Poppin Edge Control, Ju Poppin Hair Growth Oil, etcetera.

The three top-selling products from the brand are Growth Oil, Scalp Healing Mist and Vitamin E Oil. The growth oil has also been termed as ‘liquid gold’ because of its amazing nourishing properties which help in healing the scalp, thus accelerating hair growth. Most Ju Poppin products are made from plant extracts such as aloe vera, sunflower, English lavender, black cumin, avocado, and Ylang-ylang. These are rich anti-inflammatory ingredients that prohibit hair loss and heal many common scalp infections. Besides preventing hair loss, they also help in hair growth and control frizz.

Ju Poppin was launched last year in March 2020, the peak time of the pandemic. Gillian Garcia took a huge risk by launching her business when almost all the business industries were dying.  However, her business grew tremendously despite the circumstances. It garnered a lot of positive reviews.

“Look good, feel good” is the tagline of Ju Poppins. It wanted to promote a healthy hair lifestyle for both men and women and so far, their initiative is going strong.

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