Woopie releases a New Strip Club Banger “Giving Me the P*ssy” 

The song “Giving Me the P*ssy” by Woopie has been getting a lot of attention from strip club DJs. He goes by the name “Woopie.” Prince Johnson is a rising star in the rap music world. When Woopie released “Giving Me the P*ssy,” he shocked the world of nightlife. 

This song has become a favorite of strip club DJs because it’s so good. One of the group members is a singer and songwriter who goes by the stage name “Woopie.” With his unique musical skills, Woopie combines the best of rap music with groovy beats and lyrics that you’ll want to listen to over and over again. A new song called “Giving Me the P*ssy” has been released on all major music streaming sites.

Woopie wants to make rap music that strip club DJs will love. DJs at strip clubs worldwide are paying attention to his new record “Giving Me the P*ssy” because his music is so good. 

Woopie’s new song is also getting a lot of attention on TikTok because the song is so addictive and goes well with short videos. The same reason strip club DJs love Woopie’s music is why many new videos on TikTok are using his music. This is the same reason. Many DJs have also given the new song 4 out of 5 stars in the Digiwaxx record pool. 

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Woopie’s “Giving Me the P*ssy” is now streaming 

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