Nick Luevano is Reviving the Pop Genre in his Signature Style

Pop music has evolved from light entertainment to dance music and club numbers. It is a genre that has always set artists free to be creative. While some dared to experiment with this genre, others have only played safe by following the conventional style. Nick Luevano, a contemporary rapper and pop singer, came up with a distinct style that quickly separated him from his contemporaries.

Nick Luevano had little idea about the struggles in the music industry. He had always dreamed of becoming a pop star like Michael Jackson or Stevie Wonder without knowing what it takes to reach there. At 19, Nick moved to Los Angeles hoping to work with a top music label. After sleeping on the streets for several months and facing 35 rejections at different auditions, Nick realized that he has to be different to be heard.

Nick started working on his skills and discovered his forte and adopted the style of the pop genre to create a sound that was unique yet familiar to the audience. With the first opportunity that came his way from a local club, Nick set the floor on fire. After 5 years of being a well-known face in the elite clubbing scene in LA and also at music festivals, Nick dropped his debut single in 2021 as an independent artist.

As the composer, producer, and songwriter of his debut track “From the Streets” Nick found fame. The song was listed on the Hot 100 billboard and also on the iTunes chart. Nick dared to be different and that brought him recognition. His story is a reminder to aspiring artists that genuine talent shines forever.