Cafe Disko; the Music Duo Taking Over the Music Scene, With Unique Sounds 

Cafe Disko is one of the rising music groups in the country. The music-duo of Paul Alqas & Patrick Ditzel is taking over the music scene with their new style of music. They have come up with an electrifying unique pop style that is thrilling their thousands of listeners. The Cafe Disko music sound ranges from the future bass to disco and hip hop that perfectly blend, bringing a unique music experience.  

Since making their mark in the music scene, Cafe Disko has gradually evolved in the music space while perfecting their craft. The music duo has served the industry with exceptional, memorable, and trendsetting releases by utilizing their vibrant style of music, a fusion of their electronic pop.

Their releases have also been doing well, with several songs hitting over a million streams. On average, the group achieves up to 100,000 monthly listeners. “Santeria” is one of the releases that features DIVMOND, and it is a classic example of what the group can deliver. It’s also doing exceptionally well on various streaming platforms.

Cafe Disko has also performed numerous DJ sets in some of the most notable clubs across the US. They have also opened for a lengthy list of A-List DJs and rappers like Loud Luxury, Chance The Rapper, and T-Pain.

Though the duo is currently doing it all by themselves, they acknowledge the demanding nature of being artists while still taking care of the business side of music. It is a highly draining experience that the two have managed to cope with since making their move into the music scene. They have mastered the art of making music while organizing their own shows and everything else.

But for the future, Cafe Disko is contemplating finding a full-time manager to help them manage their music brand. They are also open to signing under a record label. With either idea, they are sure to increase their music efficiency. Having someone else take care of the music business will allow them to fully focus on making good music. It will also avoid any external factors that may limit or hinder their musical creativity.

For Cafe Disko, serving their fans endless hits remains the goal, and they aspire to announce their presence on the global music stage. This includes the commitment to continue making music that will best connect with their fans. Their music cuts across any moment, whether at home on a Sunday chilling and relaxing, or at a festival raging with friends. This has been their drive to succeed in the industry.

Cafe Disko’s passion for the industry is unquestionable, judging from the way the team invests heavily to put on exhilarating shows for their fans. You can always be certain of the next show being thrilling. Cafe Disko’s shows have always been headlined not only for the good music but also for their astonishing performances. The duo has the extra energy and drive to continue taking their performances, particularly the live shows, to the next level.